Programs run - Ph. D, PG (PQA & Pharmaceutics) & UG prog in Pharmacy - Accredited by NBA till JUNE 2022.


Department of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics is a branch of pharmacy field that carries the impression of pharmacy profession. In general it encompasses the areas that involve designing, formulation and presenting a therapeutically useful chemical entity in a most appropriate drug delivery system such as tablets, capsules, syrups, etc. The comprehensive study of this subject necessitates integration of physical, chemical and biological principles, as applicable to all the components of drug delivery systems. In the present scenario, the discovery of various drug entities has enabled the development of new drug delivery system, advanced production processes and the latest machinery for manufacture of superior quality products.

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry is an interdisciplinary science, which has seen enormous growth in the past decade. Traditionally accepted as a branch of organic chemistry, the subject has reached an tremendous level of complexity today. It involves many aspects like synthesis, isolation, purification and characterization of anticipated organic compounds that can be used in medicine for the treatment and cure of diseases. On the other hand it establishes a link between chemical structure and biological activity. Medicinal Chemist plays a very crucial role in the design and development of selective, potential, non-toxic, new chemical entities which meet all the desired pharmacokinetic properties.

Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the study of drugs, their nature, properties & effect on living systems. The Pharmacology Department is well equipped at par with other six departments and has proved to be an asset to this institute. This department comprises of Two laboratories, each 1000 sq. ft for undergraduates & One laboratory, 750 sq. feet, for post graduate research work. In addition, there is a separate store cum preparation room aiding the routine practical work. The department is provided with four computers along with Internet connection to facilitate departmental work. Also, a separate CPCSEA approved spacious animal house, is another asset wherein breeding and housing of experimental animals as per standard guidelines is followed.

Department of Pharmacognocy

Pharmacognosy is an Applied Branch of science, which deals with the detail study of Crude drugs obtained from Natural Origin like Plants, Animals & Minerals. Well-equipped laboratory admeasuring around 140 sq. mtrs. is totally designed according to the practicals being conducted. Dept. of Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry aims at improving the basic concepts like identification & authentification of plants of various families. Microscopical evaluation of crude drugs at First year B.Pharm level, more weightage is given to identification of crude drug by Morphological and Microscopical Analysis at third year B. Pharm. Various projects are assigned to know the advances in Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry at final year B. Pharm the department focuses on the industrial application the subject. The details of cultivation, collection & processing of the plant has been studied. The extraction of phytoconstituent from the crude drug is extensively studied. The extracted phytoconstituent further processed for purification, identification by means of TLC.

Department of Quality Assurance

Drugs being a very important component of healthcare, these need special attention especially with respect to quality, efficacy and safety. This has always been a matter of concern from the consumer point of view. The quality control concept basically meant that the quality of the product conformed to the predetermined standards as given in the pharmacopoeia. But the concept was not enough as thereafter the concept GMP emerged in the 1960s in USA. It was however the WHO who played a major role in bringing awareness to the manufacturer of the drug product and national drug regulatory authorities through its certification scheme. The setting of global standard is required by WHO constitution. One of the organization function is that it should "develop, establish and promote international standard with respect to food, pharmaceutical and similar products".

Responsibility of assuring product quality belongs principally to quality assurance personnel but involves team effort. The manufacturer fulfills his obligation to the consumer by following good manufacturing practices, which ensure that a product consistent high quality is manufactured by him every time. Good manufacturing starts from the time raw material enters the factory and continues into the final dosage form and takes care that it is delivered safely into the hands of consumer. In the recent past pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations world over have devoted a great deal of effort (resources) to ensure compliance with cGMP guidelines issued by licensing authorities. The Indian pharmaceutical industry in particular has demonstrated remarkably its ability to comply with the stringent requirements of regulatory authorities like the USFDA and UKMCA, etc. Still except for multinational companies and a few other pharmaceutical companies, GMP did not percolate to a large number of medium and small-scale pharmaceutical companies.

In the view of change which is taking place Indian pharmaceutical industry; to stand in the global market, Quality assurance department is set to help the students to learn and understand the concepts of cGMP, GCP, GLP, etc. and implement them successfully to industry.

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